Our first time central heating grants are offered to property owners to reduce their heating bills efficiently. Hot water and heating account for over half of your energy bills and with the energy price cap on the rise, it is important to possess an efficient heating system.

If you are a property owner who wants to invest in a first time central heating system with a gas connection without any boiler, then check out your eligibility for First Time Boiler with us. To control your central heating system easily, start with setting your room thermostat as it will prevent your heating system from utilizing more fuel than required.  Set your thermostat between 18°C and 21°C and ensure a free flow of air to allow it to function properly.

Then programme your heating system to switch off when you are not at home or you don’t require the heating. Next, use a thermostatic radiator to control the heat in unused rooms. Upgrade your heating system by clicking here to check your eligibility now.