Are you interested in making your home lose heat slower and heat up quicker with energy-efficient solutions? With our underfloor insulation grants, you will be able to make your existing property highly energy efficient and low on fuel bills.

Underfloor insulation in existing or older properties will enable the suspension timber floor to absorb water vapour during high humidity periods to reduce the possibility of condensation and mould on the walls and ceilings, and then slowly release it back.

To correctly add underfloor insulation to your home, you need to consider the following:

  • • Airtightness
  • • Thermal performance
  • • Moisture control

Your underfloor insulation system should be able to hold the heat well, enable water vapour to soak in case of high humidity levels, and then release the vapour when the humidity levels drop. It should also create a barrier to make the insulation airtight.


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