The Boiler replacement grants encourage property owners to replace their existing fossil fuel heating systems with more efficient and low-carbon boiler systems. All well-maintained, high-quality boilers burn their fuel efficiently but they lose some heat through the hot gasses that escape up the flue.

Modern boilers are way more efficient than older boilers. Moreover, modern boilers are condensing which allows them to recover more heat from the flue gas and utilise it to efficiently heat the central heating water.

If you have decided to replace your old, non-condensing boiler, then you must decide on the type of heating system you want for your home. With the UK Government’s target to reach zero carbon emissions by 2050, old boilers using fossil fuel heating systems are expected to be phased out in the future. Moreover, With hot water costs taking up most of your energy bills, it only makes sense to opt for efficient boilers. Check your eligibility for our boiler grant now.